About Bill

Bill Humphrey is a progressive Democrat and native of Newton, Massachusetts from a family with many generations of public service to the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Middlesex County.

Like his family, Bill believes fiercely in the power of good government and public works to make society more socially just and equitable. Bill also believes that public service in the name of leaving a better world behind is a life calling and a sacred responsibility. The recent protests across the United States for racial justice have reaffirmed that commitment and inspired Bill to run for office in 2016, in hopes of helping to achieve a change in our governmental system.

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Why I'm Running


"I'm running for Massachusetts Governor’s Council to do my part to secure justice for all in our Commonwealth and to bring better representation on the issues important to my generation. The Council’s work assessing judicial nominees is of paramount importance, as I have observed firsthand. Our judicial system often is the last line of defense for an individual’s essential rights. It is the place we turn to seek redress for wrongs. Having judges who will uphold our highest values is as important as electing legislators or state executive officers who will enact those values. In recent years, several new councillors have begun the work of restoring the office to its proper constitutional role, and I will work full time to extend that progress. To continue renewing our Commonwealth, we need to bring the fresh ideas of a new generation to our government."

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